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Course OverviewAre you ready for 2023?

With deadlines around the corner, many in the pharmaceutical industry have been making meaningful progress in exchanging information seamlessly in real time - potentially averting disastrous breakdowns in their supply. Join these industry leaders and avoid disruption in your supply chain by learning how to properly implement all of the GS1 Standards critical to interoperability.*

"Get it done, get it tested, and have a high degree of confidence that when 2023 arrives, your products can continue to move..."
- Scott Mooney, Vice President, Distribution Operations, McKesson Pharmaceutical

2020 Update: Progress on 2023 DSCSA Interoperability

  • Learn How ToUniquely identify products, logistic units, and locations.
  • Learn How ToCapture information about a product across the supply chain.
  • Learn How ToShare supply chain event information with trading partners securely and quickly.
DSCSA Supplier Course
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