The Making of an MVP:How Your Supply Chain Can Lead You to Victory

When your supply chain is optimized, it can serve as the MVP for your company’s success. You can attack inefficiencies offensively, play defense when disruption occurs, and expose better transparency. But to get to MVP status, you need to train with the best and leverage game-changers to overcome these opponents. Become a Supply Chain Hall-of-Famer and learn how GS1 Standards gives you a competitive edge on automation, visibility, and trusted data.

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  • This 90-minute session is broken into short 15-minute huddles, where you’ll hear from winning subject-matter experts from GS1 US. Topics include:

  • Leading with True Product Data QualityHow Verified by GS1 Can Get You into the End Zone

    If you don’t have accurate, up-to-date product data, you’re risking poor performance with your teammates - your trading partners and consumers. Learn why quality data is critical and how resources and tools, like Verified by GS1, can help you stay at the top of your data quality game.

    How Verified by GS1 Can Get You into the End Zone
  • Becoming a GS1 Standards All-StarHow Maturity in GS1 Standards Can Complement Technology

    Are you leveraging GS1 Standards to their fullest extent? Join a conversation with two of our supply chain leaders as they discuss how to move your supply chain from rookie – to starter – to hall-of-famer to meet evolving consumer demands with the latest technology.

    From Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), to 2D barcodes, to Digital Link
  • Get a Product Play-by-Play Along the Supply Chain How Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) Enables Visibility

    You’ll get on-field time with our supply chain expert as they demonstrate how EPCIS gives full visibility into every touch point along the supply chain. Because when you have improved visibility, you can go for the gold in improved customer experience.

    How Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) Enables Visibility
  • Big Wins in Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)Best Practices for Utilizing EPC-enabled RFID Technology

    RFID is helping capture more data, more quickly. This interactive demo will help you better understand how this unique identification technology helps capture product identity at scale. Also, you’ll hear how other companies are leveraging this technology to improve inventory operations.

    Best Practices for Utilizing EPC-enabled RFID Technology
  • Master the Handoff with Unique Location IdentificationLive Q/A on How to Keep your Supply Chain Moving

    When you have transparency into your products’ locations at any given time, you are better able to run a game-winning play. Global Location Numbers (GLNs) are the key to getting your supply chains moving in perfect formation. Learn how GLNs help tie it all together.

    Leveraging Unique Location Identification
  • Bringing It All Together to Win Over Customers Going Circular and Sustainable with GS1 Standards

    Supply chains are not only winning in efficiency, but they’re also becoming more sustainable. Hear how others are going circular and what it means to the future of the supply chain.

    Going Circular and Sustainable with GS1 Standards
  • Program details are subject to change. Much like how supply chains need to adapt constantly, we too may need to change details in our game plan--perhaps offering some fun surprises along the way.

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