3 Steps to RFID SuccessYou've Been Asked to Tag Your Products with EPC-Enabled RFID Tags - Now What?


Laying the Groundwork

The more you understand about the specific uses of RFID and any requirements your trading partners may have, the easier it will be to turn your plan into action. Watch the Video


Implementing RFID

Now that you’ve determined your specific RFID wants and needs, you’ll want to work with a GS1 US Solution Partner for the implementation. Watch the Video


Managing & Evaluating

RFID is not a one and done technology implementation - You need to continually test and gather feedback, plan for data exchange, improve supplier scorecarding, and plan for expansion and growth. Watch the Video


VideoHow Do I Get Started with RFID Tagging


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is the use of radio waves to read and capture information on an item’s tag or label.

More and more companies are leveraging Electronic Product Code (EPC®)-enabled RFID technology to automate processes and provide increased inventory visibility and accuracy – answering the simple question, “Where’s my stuff?”

RFID Use Cases in Retail

  • Item inventory visibility
  • Optimize back-to-front operations
  • Reduce out-of-stock and frozen inventory
  • Flexible fulfillment options/omni-channel
  • Display compliance
  • Improve merchandising and decision support
  • Automate labor-intensive processes

RFID Use Cases in Factories and Distribution Centers

  • Automate inbound inspection, vendor score-carding
  • Automate outbound inspection, claims avoidance
  • Pick/pack accuracy
  • Integrated labels/source tagging
  • Inventory capture & item search
  • Process automation

There are many misunderstandings on RFID — the technology, its use case feasibility and its ROI benefits. This brief sets the record straight on RFID—providing definitive answers to the industry’s most common questions about what RFID is and what it can do.

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