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GS1 Connect: Digital Edition Tech Track Bonus Content

Looking to extend your digital conference experience? From unique identification to the future of barcodes and packaging, we've got you covered with bonus content.

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Mastering Direct Part Marking and UDI With LasersBrought to you by TRUMPF Inc.

Clear and consistent medical device labeling is fundamental to patient safety. As unique device identification (UDI) compliance begins in the European Union and continues in the United States, finding a global and harmonized approach is key to successful implementation. Join TRUMPF Inc. to see how their VisionLine Mark image processing solution increased operational efficiency and quality assurance through corrosion-resistant labels that are both human and machine readable.

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GDSN is ALIVE: Powering Your Digital Shelves With GDSNBrought to you by Salsify

The shopping journey, from discovery to purchase, is nonlinear, random, and happening all the time. From social media to e-commerce site, the “digital shelf” is the future of commerce. The Global Data Synchronization Network™ (GDSN®) has a long history of sharing product data, but a new future is arising for organizations that use GDSN. In this session, you will learn how the world's most celebrated brands are using GDSN to power their Digital Shelves.

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Scalable Product Content Creation Leveraging the Packaging Development PipelineBrought to you by Kwikee, a Syndigo Company

Your product packaging is working to communicate your brand’s story and value to shoppers. In many ways, the package sits at the center of the evolving marketing mix. Today’s omni-channel consumer is in control, and they expect complete and accurate product data the moment they need it. Join us to learn how computer-generated imaging (CGI) and synchronized, AI-based data capture helps brands create product content weeks before the physical product is produced.

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Digital Convergence—Disrupting the $13.5 Trillion Consumer Products IndustryBrought to you by EVRYTHNG

The consumer products industry produces four trillion “things” per year. Yet, surprisingly, there’s a low level of visibility within the supply chain. Digitization allows manufacturers to use real-time data intelligence to gain end-to-end visibility from production to distribution to consumption. This session will discuss the convergence of technologies such as IoT, Active Digital Identities, GS1 Digital Link, and Blockchain. You’ll go behind the scenes to learn best practices from major brands successfully implementing these technologies at scale today.

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Steps to Move From Proprietary to Global Product IdentificationBrought to you by AB&R® (American Barcode and RFID)

You want to move your company’s product identification structure from proprietary to globally recognized standards. Great! But as with anything worth doing, it’s easier said than done. In this session we explore the “why” and “how” behind moving a U.S. utility company to GS1 Standards—and what that means for the industry as a whole.

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Cloud Connectivity and the Meaning Behind the Barcode Brought to you by Zebra Technologies

Since the inception of the barcode, a scan has returned only two data elements: the item identification and the symbology that describes how it was encoded. In today's cloud-connected world, a single scan can identify what item the barcode represents, decode the barcode, and enrich it from third-party data sources like GS1, the U.S. FDA, and thousands of others. Join us to hear why this technology is important to you and your business.

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Accelerate Item Onboarding: Increase Revenue and ProfitBrought to you by Simplista

A major inefficiency sitting at the top of every retailer’s supply chain is costing retailers and their suppliers millions annually in lost revenue, profit, and unnecessary expense. Item onboarding, the process of listing a new item so that it is available for sale, is fundamental to maintaining an accurate item record, and influences the entire supply chain. Join us to look at a fresh way of item onboarding and how it can ultimately improve the customer experience.

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Changing the Landscape of Retail With Web-Enabled Unique IDBrought to you by BarTender® by Seagull Scientific

Web-enabled item-level identification, including GS1 Digital Link and Amazon’s Transparency Program, is bound to change the landscape of the retail supply chain. Attend this session to see how this technology, coupled with GS1 Standards, is allowing manufacturers to control the conversation about their brands and products while empowering consumers to gain direct access to product information and ensuring goods are genuine and not counterfeit.

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From the New Era to the New Normal— How Do We Get There?Brought to you by FoodLogiQ

Following the launch of the New Era of Smarter Food Safety, food industry leaders began reviewing their systems and researching protocol improvements. However, just months later, they suddenly faced unprecedented disruption and supply chain challenges. From hand washing to securing products, companies have re-evaluated and adjusted the way they do business. Using GS1 Standards for traceability, many have extracted supply chain insights and used that data to take swift action during a time of crisis.

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