Webinar Sponsored by SyndigoHow Syndigo Helps PFG Win With GDSN & Beyond  

Join us for an engaging webinar designed to boost product content programs for better results featuring Performance Food Group!


DescriptionWhen the right data is delivered to the right place at the right time, your business wins.

Over 45% of shoppers find that product description text doesn’t provide enough information (Digital Commerce 360). In today’s consumer-first world, when shoppers visit sites with limited or inaccurate product information, it can doom the site or product from being considered again.

As a leading GDSN data pool, Syndigo lets you exchange accurate product content with the largest network of trading partners. With over 10,000 data quality rules and automated new item setup, Syndigo helps brands and recipients eliminate expensive logistical errors and bring products to market faster.

Making sure that your GDSN data is accepted is critical to your success at retail, but it is about much more than just GDSN compliance.  Do you want to optimize your product content for GDSN and beyond?  

By attending, you'll learn:

  • How unlocking data quality with an integrated GDSN and cross-channel commerce strategy equates to browsers becoming buyers  
  • How Performance Food Group and Syndigo enable commerce globally and enhance supply chain efficiency with accurate, complete product content  
  • Best practices from Performance Food Group on how they have joined forces with Reinhart Foodservice LLC who has overcome changing requirements and fragmented solutions to achieve a single source of truth for product data   
Syndigo webinar

Webinar Sponsored by Syndigo

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