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Deliver on Freshness, Reduce the Waste

What if you could do just one thing to reduce food waste?

Food waste isn’t a new problem, but recent events have highlighted its severity and the role it plays in the effort to create sustainable food systems. As impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic send ripples through the global supply chain, producers, retailers, and consumers are becoming more aware of the need to address wasteful practices.

Whether the loss occurs at the retailer or consumer level, or farther up the supply chain, the impact is nothing short of devastating. Taking accurate inventory is just one of the many 'one things' brands can do to minimize food waste and gain insights that they never had access to before, while ensuring the high standards of freshness they have set for themselves and for consumers.

Join our webinar to hear from Susan Flake, Global Director of Food and Logistics at Avery Dennison, who will talk about how creating greater visibility along the supply chain will help companies maximize food freshness, minimize waste, handle recalls efficiently, and achieve sustainability goals.

Webinar Sponsored by Avery Dennison

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