What's Verified by GS1

Improving data quality around the world with 7 attributes

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Verified by GS1 – Powered by GS1 US Data Hub®

Your trading partners want accurate product data. Consumer trust in your products is built on complete and accurate information. Are you ready to meet their expectations?

Globally unique identification is the cornerstone of quality product data

Hear how verifying the Global Trade Item Number® for each product in a global registry can strengthen trust in better product information for brand owners, data recipients, and ultimately consumers. Add to the mix 6 basic attributes, and now you have 7 reasons to feel more confident that your product data is cleaner in your catalogs, on e-commerce sites, and marketplaces around the world. After all, that’s what global standards are for.

Join this session to learn:

  • What “Verified by GS1” means
  • Why GS1 US Data Hub is the place to create and query product information
  • How to leverage resources to help eliminate excuses for bad data

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