Guest Speakers from CONA Services and CargillBlockchain:
Challenges and Keys to Success

Blockchain webinar

A panel discussion of real life pilots, scenarios and learnings from Cargill and CONA Services, The Coca-Cola System IT Services Company.

Hear from Borre Moolenaar, Global Digital Product Line Lead at Cargill, Andrei Semenov, Director of Innovation - Supply Chain at CONA services, and Kraig Adams, Vice President of Community Engagement - Blockchain on a panel discussion of blockchain initiatives implemented in the last few years. After hearing about specific use cases you'll have an opportunity to:

  1. Understand the common threads key to successfully implementing blockchain
  2. Pose your business challenges and questions to cross-industry blockchain pioneers
  3. See how use of a common language of standards facilitates blockchain across industries

There are very real challenges businesses face when implementing distributed ledger technology but the potential payoff is huge - from food safety to product authenticity to consumer trust. Hear directly from the experts!

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