WebinarRFID 201 for Any Business

How to innovate with enhanced traceability


"Making the RFID tag like a barcode, with open, readable information is the way to make this (RFID) an accepted technology."Jeanne Sirovatka, Director of Continuous Improvement, Fresenius Kabi *

*Source: Fresenius Kabi: First to provide healthcare providers with EPC-enabled RFID tagging at the dosage level

OverviewLooking beyond the simple question of “Where is my stuff?”

As leaders in different industries turn to innovative technologies to keep their products and consumers safe, many have already recognized the benefits of RAIN RFID* powered by GS1 Standards for tracking and tracing products.

Fresenius Kabi, a global pharmaceutical company, and Golden State Foods, a leading foodservice supplier, are enabling batch and lot tracking by tagging their products at the unit and case level. Watch this webinar to:

  • LearnWhy they chose to implement a GS1 Standards-based RFID solution
  • HearHow they are addressing key attributes such as batch/lot and expiration date
  • SeeThe value RFID can unlock for stakeholders in the supply chain

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