Is blockchain really going to change the world? Are robots taking over? How will artificial intelligence impact my business? Join host Reid Jackson as he cracks the code on emerging tech through conversations with thought leaders at the top of the digital disruption game. Titans of industry, leaders in academia, and intrepid startups will go beyond the “cool factor” of emerging technologies to discuss how and why the future of commerce depends on a global language of business. Hear about AI, robotics, blockchain, circular economy, IoT, 5G, and much, much more.

voice with jon stine
Oct 6, 2020 • S1:E7 • 41:24 Voice: Jon Stine, Open Voice Network

Alexa play "The Decoded Podcast by GS1 US”. Voice controlled AI devices like the Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant have become common household items. Is voice becoming the ultimate computer or interface, or is it? Find out on today’s episode as we sit down with Jon Stine, the executive director of the Open Voice Network, to discuss the emerging use cases and growing potential of voice.

shift in retail with pano anthos podcast
July 23, 2020 • S1:E6 • 40:45 Shift in Retail: Pano Anthos, Sr. VP, XRC Labs

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced consumers to adjust to a new normal. Demand options like curbside pick-up and online ordering have skyrocketed. How are retailers adapting to these new consumer behaviors? Listen to learn more!

ar/vr/xr with tom mainelli podcast
Jun 8, 2020 • S1:E5 • 52:31 AR/VR/XR: Tom Mainelli, IDC

Think Augmented, Virtual, and Extended Reality is just for gamers? Think again. From simply re-imagining conference calls to completely upending knowledge transfer in manufacturing, AR/VR/XR technologies can literally show us a whole new world.

computer vision with lexset podcast
April 3, 2020 • S1:E4 • 43:53 Computer Vision: Francis Bitonti & Les Karpas, LexSet

Hear from the founders of LexSet about how “training data as a service” is significantly cutting down on the time and manpower necessary to feed AI models the high-quality image data they need.

robotics with laura scott podcast
Jan 15, 2020 • S1:E3 • 29:55 Robotics: Laura Scott, Takeoff Technologies

What happens when we mix robots and grocery stores? Happier online shoppers. Laura Scott, COO of Takeoff Technologies, discusses how robotic micro-fulfillment centers are helping to bridge the gap between retail and technology.

blockchain with yorke rhodes iii podcast
Jan 15, 2020 • S1:E2 • 53:04 Blockchain: Yorke Rhodes III, Microsoft

Is blockchain scalable? Can it transform your organization? Yorke Rhodes III, Co-founder of Blockchain at Microsoft and Principal Program Manager Azure Blockchain Engineering, discusses the company’s blockchain journey.

internet of things with robert tercek podcast
Jan 15, 2020 • S1:E1 • 51:24 Internet of Things: Robert Tercek, Author and Futurist

In a future where everything that can be connected, will be connected, the Internet of Things has the potential to change life as we know it. Robert Tercek, author and digital futurist, discusses the good, the bad, and the awesome of IoT.

reid jackson
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